"  My Beautyfull loverboy  "


We had to say goodbye from our boy Racoon's Don Juan.

On 23 january 2009 we had to make the difficult decision to let sleeping Don Juan. 

Don Juan has been with the vet for an operation to take away some teeth. The operation was well. Don Juan stayed  5 days separate from the other boys, so that we could see how he developed and because he had te eat wet feed. 

Thursday, 22/01/2009,  he went back to the other boys.

On friday morning, 23/01/2009, we stould up at 06.00 for going to work. We went to see how it was with D.J. . We were shocked when we entered the room. The whole room was full off blood.  He had pulled out the wire from his mouth. The wire was around his nail. Because off this, the wound in his mouth had started to bleed. This must have happened in the night.  

We checked D.J., and cleaned his mouth. At this moment it was stopped bleeding. He even started to eat and drink.

Around 13.00, we were back from our work and went directly to see how D.J. was doing. We entered the room and saw that D.J. and Don Conchetto have been fighting. All over the floor brown and blue hair.  D.J. sat in a corner, very quiet. We went directly to our vet. He started to check his mouth, which started again to bleed.  D.J. must have hurt the artery in his mouth when he had  pulled out the wire. During the further examanitation from his mouth, our vet found that his left  jaw bone was brooking. 

What do to now?  We have been discussing with our vet what we can do?  After long dicussing, we had to make the decision to let sleeping Don Juan, with pain in our heart.


"Afscheid  van een Vriend"

Alles is voorgoed gedaan, als jij er klaar voor bent, ' k heb aan je zijde gestaan, Mijn God, ik heb je graag gekend.

Ik blijf nu hier jij gaat naar daar, En daar is niet zover van hier, We spreken af, ik weet niet waar, En daar ontmoeten we elkaar.

Slaap zacht, je hebt het verdiend, Je vocht tot aan je laatste zicht, En ga, ga nu m'n vriend, En droom voor eeuwig opgelucht.

Net zoals vroeger kom je wel terecht, Ik weet je vindt een thuis  heel gauw, En ik herhaal wat jij mee ooit hebt gezegd, In m'n hart blijf ik je trouw.

En ik weet ik zou dankbaar moeten zijn, Maar precies daarom doet het zo'n pijn.

Zonder jou tikt de klok even snel, Maar de tijden veranderen wel, Dus  ik neem afscheid, jij moet nu gaan, Weet dat je in m'n hart altijd blijft voortbestaan.


We love you DON JUAN. We will take good care of your Sons. It's sad that you didn't saw them when they arrived our home the day after that you died.

                          We still missing you 

                               Mammy, Daddy,

Your Children,Grandchildren and your Friends The Boy group....


My Proud  "Laurey Dana"

"My love" ..."My Proud"... "My happyness" ... A beautifull gift from  God the Father

I  always said: you look the same as  your Father "Tomahawk"

We had  so many wonderfull years ..

you gave us soooo...nice babys and  we were so proud of you ...

You was and are still  a girl of my Heart and Soul.


When the Phone concerned I felt myself stunned about the bad news

My Proud,  why YOU..?

You are now over the Rainbow-Bridge...

I'can't believed that you said goodbye to us.

I'dont want to feel this ....NEVER.

But I have to say ..THANK YOU ..

for all those beautifull years, you  gave me  nice children.

Tequilla Sunrice,Tinkerbell...and all the others 

I know they will say... " mumm " WE LOVE YOU !



Mammie,Daddy,your Children and all your friends.


"" My Sweet girl and My Beauty "

                                                 In first off all we were  very proud to have  you with us.

                                                       We had a nice time ,full  offlove and attentions.

                                                         Your cuddles and love was more than love .....

                                                                  You  was like a child for me....

                                      When I called  your name ,you came laying on my shoulder ,

                                                                 everytime  we did a lot off talk

                                                 How many did  I ask you to give mummy kisses,

                                                           ALWAYS YOU GAVE ME KISSES.

                                                             Never one was too much for you ! ! !

                                                      We had  more than only a good friendship 

                       You was so lovely and sweet for us.and Specially a good friend from me!

                                                A year ago you became sick and we thought ..

                                                     that the time was there that  you had  go....

                                      But  you where a fighter and you came again in good health.

                                                   We were very happy and so proud of you.

                              But now you became again sick and Nobody could  help you.

                                            A horrible sickness..Cancer..Why my dear ? ! ?

                                                  You are now over the Rainbownbridge 

                                                        We hope you find the Angels.

                                                Give White Socks and Laurey Dana our

                                                                  Love and kisses.

                                                We hope you have a nice time together.

                                 Because 9 years of my live was very special with you !

                             I have to thank you for your nice children and grandchildren..

                                                             I will take care of them.....

                                                      We love you   "Riverdance"

                                     Mammie,Daddy,Your Children and all your Friends .


My dearest White Socks,

I gave you the name HI...SOCKS.

And you look at me and  run and came to me.

It was so wonderfull to have you feeling in my arms.

Your voice, I hear it every time

Your love was so special .

Your friendship, I will never find this in an other friend like you,

Because You are so special.

You looked deep in my heart and it was a wonderfull  feeling off your love.

Laluna, your friend,  she's still missing you for playing and purring!

I told her that you found a special way, your with the  Angels !

It was very hard to give you a last touch and saying goodbye.

You are now over the rainbow-bridge.

We miss you so much and we  will never forget you.


Mammie,Daddy, and your friends.